WordPress password reset scripts first release

Last autumn, we created WordPress sites for a course in school. As the only purpose of these sites we installed were to upload work we created I figured I wouldn’t use the site often. I thought “I’ll probably remember my username and password as I’m good at remembering things but damn, there’s got to be a way to regain access to the site”. After some Googling the results were guides on how to reset the password using database details and phpMyAdmin (or similar tools).

Those in my class (that barely can install WordPress) and other not very computer savvy are not so likely going to be able to manually reset their passwords. So, I thought, let’s create a script for that. The first version simply inserted a new user using database details provided in some text fields, not very user friendly. So today, I decided to make an update so I made the script look for the wp-config.php file and get the details from the install. That way the user only has to enter the details for the new account (much more user friendly). Maybe something for the next version would be the ability to change password for existing users 🙂

Well, after that, I created a website for the script using the pretty much automated GitHub Pages generator and it was set 🙂

Check out the project @GitHub

OVH’s unusual IP management

Why is their a special process using additional IP’s with OVH?

IPv4 addresses are running out and if every customer would need a block configured with a gateway, broadcast and network address for each server (and IP-block), there would be a huge address overhead (and cost money). So, more addresses available to sell, less of an overhead, why not?

TL;DR To try to maximize the utilization of IPv4 addresses.

Why do we need virtual macs?

The virtual MAC’s is a simple way of ensuring that you are the one using your addresses and not anyone else on the OVH network. We don’t wanna pay for anyone else and with OVH’s support (you are paying for unmanaged) you’d rather have everything automatic than manual, right? I would at least.

TL;DR To make sure only you can use the addresses you purchased.